1961 Freshman Graduation Luncheon Program

Dubose Junior High School, Alice, Texas

Cover: white United Nations emblem on blue construction paper


Remaining pages are ditto copies


Page 1:


"...to develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples."


Page 2:


Baked Ham

Potato Salad                            Asparagus

                        Jello Salad

Hot Rolls                                 Butter


            Strawberry Shortcake


Pages 3 and 4:

1961 Freshman Graduation Luncheon

Master of Ceremonies                               Loren Parsons

Invocation                                                 Loren Parsons

Welcome                                              Mrs. Jean Sitterle

Response                                                   Barbara Dean

Class Will                                                    Diane Dailey

"Dreams Today, Reality Tomorrow"            Speech Class

Class Prophecy            Margie Garcia-Maclovia Enriquez

Awards                                                         Mr. Brooks

School Song                                            Freshman Class

Benediction                                                     Judy Smith

Solos By:            Jerry Ray, Mike Greenwell, Rosie Pena,

                  Cynthia Mora, Dickie Presley, Margie Garcia


Page 5:

1961 Luncheon Committee Faculty Advisors


Mrs. Miller

Mrs. Haydon

Miss Smith

Mrs. Crowell

Mr. Frank

Mrs. Purcell

Mrs. Wierick

Miss Glossbrenner

Mr. Crowell

Mr. Fain


Page 6:

Luncheon Committees

Barbara Dean                          Chairman

9-A:     Diane Dailey

            Mac Enriquez

            Susan Cooper

9-B:     Beverly Steen

            Judith Chambliss

            Charlotte King

            Judy Hallemann

9-C:     Lea Rennert

            Barbara Dean

            William McLemore

9-D:     Mandy Perez

            Margie Garcia

9-E:     Judi Kirkland

            Susan Redwood

9-F:      Judy Smith

            Suzy Jones

9-G:     Lupita Trevino

            Ann Belitz

9-H:     Gloria Garcia

            Janie Leigh

            Sandra Boyer


Page 7:


(My autographs: Jim Kattner, Mike Macmahon, <unreadable>, Speedy Thomas)